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Before buying software to manage your Zoom Cloud Meetings you should consider the following; are there any options to install the software to more than one computer? If there are then you will need to purchase two or more licenses, although some companies may give a discount on just purchasing one license. Will the software operate on multiple operating systems? This is important because you might only want the software to be compatible with Windows and don't want it to work on your Linux or Macintosh computer.

Some Zoom Cloud Meetings applications are designed to run on Microsoft Windows computers; however most Zoom Meetings software is designed to run on Linux, Macintosh, and other operating systems such as OpenVMS, Solaris, and FreeDOS. When choosing a software license you should be sure you understand what operating system will be supported by the software you purchase. Each of the options to install the software to more than one computer is included in the software and can be configured through the application itself, if you need more than one computer.

The best place to download software that runs on more than one computer is from the company that sells the software, and this is especially true if the software has a multi-user download option. If the software does not support multiple users then you might have to purchase two or more licenses for each user you wish to use with the software. Although the software can be downloaded from other websites the cost to have the software downloaded from the official website is usually less expensive and this is usually the option that most customers choose to download software from.

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